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[#136551] Written by: SantaBJ [14/06/10, 19:01]
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summer pilot season is upon us (kind of), and we're hoping to get some of them out there to you guys.
since we know we may miss a few, unfortunately, consider this an opportunity to point out new pilot
releases you think we should do (but haven't). here's how you do this:

first, post the release name or the show name (preferably the former). then, post a short description of
the show along with a link to your source (for the description). we'll read it, and if we think it's worthy of
our attention we'll throw it out there.

well, when i say "we'll read it" i mean that i'll read it - i can't speak for the others
[#136606] Written by: aussiemadmum [15/06/10, 08:32]
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/me hugs santa
hey stranger
great idea! pity you don't have anyone around anymore that used to do that, eh
[#136648] Written by: SantaBJ [16/06/10, 01:39]
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yeah, what's up with that?
[#136653] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [16/06/10, 04:07]
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it's like people don't want to see new shows or something... crazy!!!
[#136782] Written by: God [19/06/10, 14:10]
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Quote by novaking
it's like people don't want to see new shows or something... crazy!!!

correct. don't put up new shows please. thanks =)

[#136887] Written by: Nothingness [21/06/10, 12:01]
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well, there is the gate that started yesterday. futurama will start later this month. leverage restarted yesterday. person
unknown too. pretty little liars.
[#136919] Written by: SantaBJ [21/06/10, 17:15]
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and then there was that thing about *posting information about the shows you mention*...

there's a shitload of different hits for "the gate". i shouldn't even have to be searching for it in the first

i'm gonna assume you mean "the gates". we've already done that. persons unknown as well, and pretty
little liars. the whole point of this thread is to post things we haven't done that you want us to do.
and please be accurate and informative about it.
[#137084] Written by: newnick [23/06/10, 19:38]
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well, i know it's just returning not a pilot, but hawthorne er i mean hawthorne..?.?. has come out the
other day.

but i think i know why eztv hasn't done it yet, only the mkv is available and seemingly all that will be

so really it could merit a new thread, should eztv release mkv's of shows that it can't get xvid for anymore
(shows it would do as xvid but may normally be on the fence about releasing an mkv).

my guess is that if mkv is the only option then the numbers who will opt for mkv over nothing may be
large enough to justify it.

ok, seems my prediction was wrong, now there is a 350mb version...
[#137175] Written by: Dmfaust [25/06/10, 02:21]
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just thought i'd toss this up. for those who might not be aware what is coming out during the summer,
here's a list of at least the majority.


[#143199] Written by: NightShift12 [04/10/10, 01:10]
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hrmm i don't think i've ever posted on here before but i like this site

any ways theres a pilot coming out today called the "the resistance" dont know much about it other
then the link provided below


check it out it looks kinda cool might be a good watch.
[#144818] Written by: helstar [24/10/10, 05:06]
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for some reson i cant see how to post a new thread..... i have the ills though

can anyone recomend any other shows for me to watch? im a uk viewer and i have enjoyed / enjoy true
blood, heroes, medium, sopranos. i secretly enjoy greays anatomy but dont tell anyone please.

i dont find things liek big bang theory funny, its just not my kind of sense of humour, look up the
british show league of gentlemen or psychoville for my sense of humour lol
[#484030] Written by: Chrystalkay [12/07/15, 22:56]
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A pilot season of "Proof" started 4 weeks ago. I haven't seen it listed yet. I have added the
information below. It would be nice to see it in the line up. I have watched the frist 3 episodes
and so far I think they are using the subject in an intelligent way. I think, if the writers keep
on the track they are on it will be a good series. Jenifer herself had a near death experience,
which she is beginning to doubt is only the result of distressed brain function.

Info collected from here: http://www.tntdrama.com/shows/proof.html?sr=tnt_proof_tv_show

Tuesday at 10/9c

Jennifer Beals plays Dr. Carolyn Tyler, who has suffered the recent, devastating loss of her teenage
son, the breakup of her marriage and a growing estrangement from her daughter. Carolyn is persuaded
by Ivan Turing (Modine), a cancer-stricken tech inventor and billionaire to investigate cases of
reincarnation, near-death experiences, hauntings and other phenomena, all of it in the search for
evidence that death is not the end.

Jennifer Beals as Dr. Carolyn Tyler
Matthew Modine as Ivan Turing
David Sutcliffe as Dr. Len Barliss
Joe Morton as Dr. Charles Russell
Edi Gathegi as Dr. Zedan "Zed" Badawi
Caroline Rose Kaplan as Janel Ramsey
Callum Blue as Peter Van Owen
Annie Thurman as Sophie Barliss

[#488935] Written by: Nilan25 [10/07/18, 15:43]
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What happened to Stath Lets Flats? I noticed you uploaded the first one and then nothing.

Regards, Nilan25
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