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[#185780] Written by: Tiny_Caska [05/07/12, 05:06]
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the strange case of the law
1. laying down the law.

english common law, with its emphasis on the role of the jury set a standard of fairness that has influenced
legal systems across the world. many of the features that characterise today's courts were in place by as
early as the 14th century. how did england come to have such a distinctive and enduring system?

barrister harry potter traces english law back to the simple compensation culture of early anglo-saxon
kent. he explores the rise of trial by ordeal, where painful and dangerous physical tests were used to
determine guilt or innocence. he shows how this system of religious "proof" came to be replaced by jury
trial, explains why henry ii's attempt to unify law in england led to murder in canterbury cathedral and
takes a revealing look at the most famous legal document in history, magna carta.

made by the bbc and aired on bbc 4
[#185782] Written by: wrecche [05/07/12, 05:42]
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nice, i've seen this touched on in a documentary (time team? cr) with tony robinson about
compensatory law and how much of current law has changed over the years.

good, in the mood for a decent doco.

hope it's not meh, but bbc doco's rarely are!!

cheers for the info mr/s caska!

[#185784] Written by: wrecche [05/07/12, 07:26]
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oh for christs sake, his name really is harry potter.

god damn, i don't wanna see his wand

he must hate j.k rowling sooooo much.
[#185787] Written by: Tiny_Caska [05/07/12, 07:52]
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yeah i pity the poor bloke being called harry potter.

its a really good doco, some about the law can be a bit boring but this one kept me engaged every step of
the way. its so interesting to see all the events that made english common law what it is today.

no probs for the info and its ms caska ^_^
[#185803] Written by: BoonesFerry [05/07/12, 17:19]
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ms caska -- excellent! well done, thank you.
i don't receive any advance notice of new shows and sometimes don't know that a new show has been
posted until hours or days later. nice to see you and others' looking up show info and sharing it.

new show information page:
updated: july 05, 2012

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