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[#486132] Written by: Wavey8 [03/06/17, 03:31]
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I use a program called Bulk Rename which allows you to change a group of files in one go. Can remove full stops and
replace with spaces and get rid of all the additional info in the file name. You can also change the file type from .mkv
through Bulk Rename.
[#486675] Written by: revird [20/07/17, 03:33]
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Last few days when I login to this site, I get a ransomeware warning, I have used many sites, but
this only happens on this site, I have a screen shot if you need...

[#486913] Written by: pafc2013 [10/08/17, 06:41]
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by registering and logging in , this was supposed to stop this randomware crap, why is it now
when I click on anyware on the page , I get pop ups telling me I got viruses . When I know I don't.


[#487587] Written by: NeT-HeaD [11/10/17, 12:01]
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I got the same issue..

In earlier dayz once i was logged on this site , the socalled click hijackers adds and/or popups stopped.

But since a few weeks(give or take a few) logging on doesn't stop it anymore.

Standard the first thing i click(be it navigation to another section or a magnetlink) only activates a new
window opening wich i usually close before it loads so i have no idea(nor do i want to know) what it is that
opens but still it's plenty annoying.
Furter it continues with about every thirt click onhere. so two clicks normal behavious , the next it's
addtime .
I understand a site like this needs sponsoring and revennue but there's lotsa less annoying and more
straight forward ways of letting sponsors advertise on this site . Like for instanse a dedicated link page
called "Help our sponsors"and put all their adds and banners onthere so we have a choice to have a look
or not . . .

(just a thought)
[#487606] Written by: codTerminator [16/10/17, 04:14]
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Hello there,

first of all, thank you for the uploads

I use 1337x.to site to dowload eztv content

from this account http://1337x.to/user/EZTVag/

I guess its the official eztv account on 1337x

but from the past 3 weeks some other users are stealing the popular eztv content and uploading them under their accounts
on 1337x

Examples :


they are stealing the .torrents from eztvag site and uploading the same on 1337x before eztvag bot does it

this is like stealing other people's stuff and gaining popularity of it

+ misleading eztv fans/users

could you please contact the 1337x site team/Admins and ask them not to allow any other uploaders to steal eztv content

cause this may cause problems to eztv, after some days they might upload crap with eztv tags, which will ruin the popularity
of eztv.ag

please take necessary action and do not let other users to upload eztv content

waiting for your reply

Thank you.
[#487630] Written by: Zuneoth [20/10/17, 15:25]
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Well i wondering what's happening with the site right now ?

We recently suffer multiple site downtime, even as a member we now have intrusive pop-up...

So is it due to the site increasing communities or to the fact that Securities updates are not apllied to
the site ?

Would be glad to hear explanation from the admin !

Have a nice day.
[#488851] Written by: aaaa [17/06/18, 18:39]
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novaking is retarded
[#488937] Written by: Elly112 [11/07/18, 17:13]
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Cant enter my shows list, keep telling me cant handle site request
[#492175] Written by: hirschhs [23/09/18, 04:55]
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can see the list of shows but when I click on any of them, nothing comes up, just the top part of
the page, no download links. Is the site down or is it just me?
[#492230] Written by: elenas78 [23/09/18, 14:27]
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I have same issue, no link on the page for several days now. not sure what is going on
[#492365] Written by: bambam1973 [25/09/18, 03:58]
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Yes i am having the same issue....anyone have an idea what could possibly be happening???
never seen it like this before
[#492404] Written by: dacoolmike [25/09/18, 09:27]
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Guys please help for some reason when I click the link on the home page the torrent doesn't load its just the search bar and
nothing below it.
[#492411] Written by: victor54 [25/09/18, 11:32]
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hello Iam New Member
[#492518] Written by: dors16 [26/09/18, 06:18]
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same problem here, if I reboot my PC it works once but that is all
[#495746] Written by: arcobelina [24/10/18, 17:56]
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Why do you continue to put MINX connections onto the system? I am yet to find anything that can play